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Security Assessments

Document, augment where appropriate, and communicate your security practices to passengers, to management and to security officials

In today’s environment, security is a necessary requirement for acceptance of Business Aviation and for access into the ATC system. Although Business Aviation has been practicing the highest level of security, albeit industrial security, for decades and is justifiably proud of its effective security culture, the need exists to continually re-enforce security procedures and to communicate the community’s effective security protocols to government authorities that grant access to airports and airspace. Since 9-11, Jack Olcott has been at the forefront of security issues affecting Business Aviation. In his capacity as NBAA President prior to his current position as President of GAC, Inc., he and his NBAA Team developed the security protocols adopted by the TSA for its Part 91 TSAAC program. GAC affiliates are knowledgeable in the areas of the TSA’s 12.5 Rule and the Private Charter Rule.

GAC will provide your company and flight department with a security review team staffed with experienced, well-qualified and respected experts in security management. The Security Review process will be managed by GAC as the entity accountable for the finished product and responsible for communications with management.

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