Affiliations & Partnerships

Regulatory and Certificate Reviews and Guidance

Know what is required for compliance in today's increasingly sophisticated and litigious aviation environment.

GAC and its affiliates will provide insight and advice in establishing and maintaining an effective system of communications with the FAA, DOT and/or international regulatory bodies relevant to the operation of business aircraft per Part 91; Part 91, subpart K; Part 125 and Part 135 of the Federal Air Regulations. Affiliates on the GAC Team were engaged in the formulation of Part 91, subpart K as members of the Fractional Ownership Aviation Rulemaking Committee (FOARC) and are members of the FAA’s Part 125/135 Aviation Rulemaking Committee. They have extensive experience in establishing and managing air carrier certification under FAA Part 125 and Part 135, and they are fully knowledgeable in Part 91 operations involving FAA interface and FAA Letters of Authorization.

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