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M•O•V•E Analysis© – Measurement Of Value & Efficiency
A Communications Tool for Companies Using Business Aircraft

ISSUE: Bashing corporate flight departments has emerged as sport for media as well as members of Congress. Some shareholders are joining the chorus, as are rank and file employees who fear that their jobs might be at risk if company resources are used inappropriately.

Attacks on a company’s use of business jets result from ill-informed and biased misunderstanding, and operators of business aircraft often exacerbate the problem by cloaking their flight department in mystery. Nevertheless, such misunderstanding and secrecy risk the loss of an effective business tool and jeopardize a company’s ability to enhance the productivity of its two most important assets – people and time.

Silence is not a strategy.

RESPONSE: M•O•V•E Analysis by General Aero Company, Inc., measures the value and efficiency derived from operation of business aircraft and provides tools for communicating effectively with target (and often hostile) audiences.

It is essential that companies understand the value and efficiency that business aviation provides their shareholders and employees, and that they communicate those benefits as examples of effective management. Appropriate use of business aviation, like the appropriate use of computers and other technology tools, is essential to a company’s growth and profitability. Using its proprietary and confidential M•O•V•E Analysis, General Aero Company will identify, document and present the benefits that shareholders and employees derive from your flight department. GAC’s program will prepare your company to communicate with appropriate audiences, whether those communications are proactive or reactive.

An analysis of benefits establishes areas to be examined as well as areas to be emphasized.

Phase I of the M•O•V•E Analysis, which typically requires one day on site and is offered at a fixed price of $4,000 plus travel expenses for two GAC Team Members, is a client interview that frames the issues to be addressed, identifies strengths and threats, and establishes realistic expectations for the program using General Aero Company’s copyrighted M•O•V•E Checklist.

The client and GAC personnel agree upon a mission for the in-depth study, the means by which a detailed analysis will be conducted, and the measures of success, including timeline and budget. Mission, means and measures are documented in a written report and used as the basis for a negotiated fixed-price contact, known as Phase II, between GAC and the client. Phase I deliverables also include a high-level benchmark of the flight department’s benefits to the company. While some clients may find the Phase I report sufficient for their needs, it is anticipated that most will elect to proceed with Phase II.

Phase II deliverables include a detailed written report plus debriefs that articulate the value of business aviation to the client and address means by which that value can be communicated effectively to target audiences. Company personnel are coached as appropriate on the most effective methods for communicating the value and efficiency of the company’s use of business aircraft. Also where appropriate, recommendations are offered to improve value and efficiency of the company’s use of business aviation.

Additional activities identified by the client during Phase II are addressed by a separate Phase III contract.

Each Phase is defined by an individual contract: the client is under no obligation to move to the next Phase. It is anticipated that most clients will engage GAC through Phase II, reserving a Phase III effort for special situations.

The M•O•V•E Analysis Team consists of principals Jack Olcott and David Almy, plus support services provided by GAC Staff and Affiliates as needed.

M•O•V•E Analysis – Measurement Of Value & Efficiency

Using the basic framework of issues listed below in the context of your unique circumstances, the M•O•V•E Analysis Team optimizes its services and recommendations to yield maximum benefit to you and your company.

Phase I – Identifying needs

1. Agree upon the M•O•V•E Analysis mission, the means by which the analysis will be conducted (employee interviews, surveys, etc.) and the measures of success, including timeline and budget

2. Assess current company attitudes toward the flight department and alignment of department with company objectives

3. Provide a preliminary benchmark of flight department capabilities using the M•O•V•E Analysis checklist including:

a. Recognized uses of business aircraft
b. Accepted benefits of business aviation to shareholders and employees
c. Preliminary assessment of value provided

4. Prepare Phase I report

Phase II – Communicating value and efficiency

1. Implement the mission, means and measures established in Phase I

2. Identify target audiences

3. Document communication messages, customized to target audiences

4. Establish communications strategies

5. Coach company personnel in most effective methods of communicating Value and Efficiency

6. Identify special needs not addressed in Phase II

7. Prepare Phase II report, with findings and recommendations

Phase III – Per client’s request for additional services

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