Affiliations & Partnerships
TRIAX Partners, LLC
109 North Washinton
Oxford, MI 48371

Founded recently by three experienced aviation professionals, Tom Davis, Howard Hackney and Brendon Docherty, TRIAX Partners, LLC is a full service aviation company providing a matrix of solutions serving prospective and existing business and commercial aviation clients worldwide. Their portfolio of services include:

  • Turnkey aircraft acquisition
  • Aircraft brokerage
  • Corporate Shuttle Analysis and Development
  • Fractional Ownership consulting
  • Professional aviation personnel placement
  • Flight department consulting
  • Development of business initiatives and strategic planning
  • As Founding Partner and President of TRIAX Partners, LLC, Tom Davis brings a wealth of knowledge gathered during a highly successful career in business aviation. Following five years of active service in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot, Mr. Davis joined the ANR Pipeline Company, Detroit, MI, where be rose to the position of Aviation Director. For the next 14 years, he led Chrysler Pentastar Aviation and its successor DaimlerChrysler Aviation, located in Waterford, MI, and was responsible for acquiring and operating a fleet of approximately 20 business aircraft. At DaimlerChrysler Aviation, a FAR Part 135, full service company with an employee base of 275 individuals and an annual sales volume of $100 million, Tom Davis served as President and oversaw ISO 9002 certification for the organization. In 2001, United Airlines recruited Mr. Davis as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of AVOLAR, UALís venture in fractional ownership and charter of business aircraft. He remained at AVOL AR throughout its existence, eventually overseeing the termination of the company when UAL exited the business aviation marketplace. Tom Davis holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and is certificated as an Airline Transport Pilot.

    Howard Hackney, TRIAX Partners, LLC Founding Partner and Sr. Vice President, has over 37 years of experience in business and commercial aviation, serving in various roles with increasing responsibility in the areas of flight demonstrations, aircraft acquisition, charter services, business development, and strategic planning. Selected as a distinguished U.S. Marine Corps officer to attend the USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training Program. Mr. Hackney has achieved over 11,000 hours of accident-free flight time in his career, which includes seven years as an International Sales Demonstration Captain for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation as well as two years with Whirlpool Corporation as Chief Pilot before joining Chrysler Pentastar Aviation as Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Planning in 1996. He continued with the organization as Chrysler Pentastar transitioned to DaimlerChrysler Aviation, joining Mr. Davis at AVOLAR in 2002 as VP, Manufacturer Relations and VP, Business Development during the time the company was in business. Mr. Hackney holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Carolina and is certified as an Airline Transport Pilot.

    P. Brendon Docherty, the third Founding Partner of TRIAX and the companyís Sr. Vice President, brings many years of experience in marketing and customer service related to business aviation. As Sales Director, West Coast, for Flight Options from 1998 to 2003, he has extensive knowledge of Fractional Ownership programs. Prior to joining Flight Options, he held senior sales and customer service positions with an aircraft modification and service center as well as a leading avionics manufacturer. In addition to sales and marketing responsibilities, Mr. Docherty served as Director of Flight Operations for Flight Visions, a worldwide manufacturer of Heads-Up Displays. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration from the University of North Dakota and is certificated as a Commercial Pilot.

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