Affiliations & Partnerships

General Aero Company's Affiliations & Partnerships

Professional Aviation Inc
Founded in 1995 by John J. Sheehan, Professional Aviation Inc provides support and evaluations of corporate flight departments in areas of safety, regulatory compliance, transportation analysis and policy development. Additional activities include aircraft selection, Ops and Maintenance Manual preparation, aviation marketing analyses, and seminar and workshop development.
SH&E, Inc.
Formed in 1963, Simat, Helliesen & Eichner (SH&E) specializes in aviation consulting and is the worldís largest consulting firm dedicated to the air transport industry. SH&E professionals have performed more than 5,000 assignments, serving hundreds of airlines and airports, financial institutions, manufacturers, and government agencies in all parts of the world.
TRIAX Partners, LLC
Founded recently by three experienced aviation professionals, Tom Davis, Howard Hackney and Brendon Docherty, TRIAX Partners, LLC is a full service aviation company providing a matrix of solutions serving prospective and existing business and commercial aviation clients worldwide.
DoRoCo Training and Consulting
Founded in 2001 by Donna Colburn, DoRoCo Training and Consulting provides business improvement consulting, training and auditing services uniquely tailored for each customer. Donna, a registered ISO Lead Auditor and a consultant since 1994, brought a team of consultants into Pentastar Aviation and successfully led them to become the first carrier of passengers registered to ISO 9000. She and her team have also worked with other prominent business aviation companies to help them effectively define and improve upon their business processes and customer satisfaction.
Larry Rachlin, Inc. Insurance
Mr. Larry Rachlin has been a broker of aviation insurance and an aircraft owner for more than 40 years. His client list includes companies ranging in size from small entrepreneurial firms with one aircraft flown by its owner to Fortune 100 corporations operating a fleet of business jets.
Robert E. Breiling Associates, Inc.
Founded by its namesake in the mid 1980s, Robert E. Breiling Associates is the recognized source for independent identification, classification and analysis of accidents involving business aircraft.
Resolute Consulting Group LLC
Resolute Consulting Group LLC, founded by Mr. John P. Schreitmueller, provides confidential career transition as well as work, life and leadership coaching for professionals.
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